Report on Initial Assessment of Anne Louise Karlsson in Baseline and Energized States

Beverly Rubik, Ph.D.
Institute for Frontier Science
Oakland, California

Anne Louise Karlsson visited our laboratory in December 2016 for a consultation. We
measured her using several instruments: heart rate variability (HRV); biofield testing with the
Bio-Well Camera; and measurements on a customized array of sensors that we call our Sensor

HRV measurements were made in triplicate in her baseline state, and several minutes
later, in her energized healer state. One significant finding is that Anne Louise shows excellent
autonomic nervous system balance as determined via HRV. See output material from HRV
testing. This is rare in middle-aged persons, as most show a level of sympathetic dominance
due to chronic stress becoming their norm.

The HRV test results also show a distinct change in her physiology when she moves from
her ordinary state to her energized healer state. Figure 1 shows the change in total power of
the heart. The energized healer state increased her heart power by a factor of 2, and it is
statistically significant (p = 0.015).

Figure 1: Total power of the heart, significant changes observed between baseline state and
energized state (p= 0.015 by independent t-test)


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