The healing

The energy penetrates like a powerful injection in each cell and within the cell nucleus.
The cell cleansing begins directly associated with a Session. The energy work gradually in your cells and clears the faulty condition in your cells.
The energy is inside every cell in your body throughout your life.
Sometimes different reactions occurs during and after a session. This is very individual.
Approximately 50% feel the reactions. The same cleansing and healing occurs regardless.
Do not get scared and think that something is wrong if you fall into various different phases or get reactions. There may be sadness, anger, passitivitet, darkness, increased pain etc. all this is temporary. Healing and cleansing appears differently for each individual.


 To just be in what is, DO NOT try to "fix" anything.

Are you sad - BE SAD (do not try to be happy)
Are you angry-BE ANGRY (do not project your anger on something / someone physical)
Are you tired-BE TIRED (do not try to get alert)

Leave all possible reactions and conditions so it releases faster.
You will be amazed at how well things still work such as
jobs, children, family etc despite various healing processes (which I mention above) are going on.

Let go and follow, let The Energy do the work for you. Do not cramp in anything.
Just let it all happen. You will become aware that you can completely trust YOURSELF and what IS RIGHT for YOU as healing takes place.

Until now, it is your inherited cellular memories that govern your life, this will be

På bilden; resultat av läkning. (Chakra) Se hela dokumentet här...


It is very important that you have continued contact as before with your doctor in case you have physical illness, eating medicines, etc.
Do not hang on to old patterns. As you heal and clears fault conditions, you can increase your energy level. This also applies to people you surround yourself with. Do not be afraid to let go.
Gradually you will feel the difference in how you think and what happens in your life. Faulty states are dissolved and will not return. Your new condition is permanent.

Good to know
The time aspect of healing and cleansing varies greatly. Sometimes the healing starts immediately and you start to feel the difference right away, often takes 6 months - 2 years before full healing has occurred. This is completely individual.