Abuse are available in many ways. Abuse is associated with addiction which is not true completely. Addicion in itself, does not really exist. The abuse is something they use to numb themselves from the pain they can't stand. The pain in the heart occurs from cell memories and creates a trauma.

As long as the trauma is unheald its causing so much pain that the only way to cope with life is to use various kinds of abuse.


The trauma could very well be inherited in your cells from your ancestors.
That is why it is believed that the earlier a person start drinking alcohol for example, the greater risk of so-called addiction.

The trauma can also occur during childbirth, early childhood etc. A trauma can be basically anything.

When a person has an inherited pain and tastes for example alcohol at an early age, then because it's natural for that person, it produces a relief from pain, euphoria. The person will continue and stepping up to a larger dose of anesthetic required over time. To "feel good" this person needs to drink.
It's what's inherited in cell memories that trigger what kind of anesthesia you'll choose.

A woman has been abused by her father as a child. The father abuses alcohol, the mother is according to the woman, over sexual and the only thing she talks about is sex, even when the woman was a small child.
As an adult this woman has many relationships, short, a few months. She is "in love" in someone new all the time, never lives without partners. Ensures that there is always someone there to have sex with. She talks a lot about her childhood and her parents.
The woman have for many years always had relationships with men but suddenly women pops up. She believed then that this is what was wrong, that she is a lesbian. Same thing, these relationships are very short too, the woman initiates new relationships with men, again ...
It's not that there's anything wrong with the partners or the relationships itself, like the woman thinks. Everything is about numbness.
What I want to show with this brief example is that this is a sex addiction.
Woman uses sex as anesthesia for what she suffered as a child.
In this example we have sex and alcohol stored in the cell memories that signals the brain to numb this to cope with life.

The abuse, the so-called addiction ceases automatically when the cells begin to work properly and dissolves the trauma. The individual never needs to struggle to keep themselves from abuse (the so-called addiction) ever again.

Alcohol abuse, sexual addiction, gambling addiction, love addiction, abuse of people, shopping addiction, food addiction and others will only numb a big pain the individual has in his heart that occurs due to trauma, which in turn occurs because of what's in the individual's cell memories and ancestral cell memories.

Until now we have sent these people to treatment, where they will learn that they are addicted and can't fully recover.

They have to learn to live with it.