Do you run a company in the health sector.
 Then you can become an authorized partner to Cellmemories.


 As an authorized partner, you can be seen with your service on Cellmemories website with a direct link to your company.


It is free to appear on Cellmemories website once you have been approved as an authorized partner

You only pay 150 euros/year


You need to fulfill this

  •   You have an active and well-functioning website
  •  You own your business .Lone or with someone
  •  You perform services in the field of health and well-being
  •  You provide a page with its own category for Cellmemories
  Do you meet this
  • Then you send us an email with a shorter description of you / your services and a direct link to your website
  • E-mail us:

Why does Cellmemories want to join partners?

Cellmemories grow a lot and the healings are powerful and fast.

What happens in a healing is very different, some feel the healing a lot, others react little or not at all.

However, the same powerful healing takes place. It all depends on what the individual carries on for trauma that heals.

For those who feel the healing, among other things. tension, anxiety, ache, anxiety etc etc

 It is now YOU are needed

When you are approved

Once you have been approved as an authorized partner at Cellmemories, we will place you under the city you operate in, the page is searchable.

You will be sent material with the full ones constant instructions you need to upload Cellmemories to your site.

You also have the right to use the certificate you receive from us, where you wish on your website.
It strengthens your company