I was at a group session in Helsingborg in January.

You know I wrote I have a difficult time in life. (And then I was at your event and participated in a Group Session).

Not much has happened in terms of work.........


With health!

After all, I've been burned and felt miserable.

The funny thing is that I often described my dead tiredness and burnout as CELL stress!
That very word. CELL. As if every cell vibrates with fatigue.

Now all my sick symptoms are gone!

Stomach pain, nausea
An injury to the foot
A pain in the pelvis.
A pressure in the windpipe
My cellular stress, when I lose my sense of reality and lose energy.
My deep valleys of futility..
The joint damage in the thumbs - much better.

Everything is almost completely gone!!

It's all about cells

Big hug from Carina from Värmland

I have been to a group session quite recently in Stockholm.

I want to remain anonymous as my big problem is about addiction.

All my life, I'm 50+ now, I've taken to food (very unhealthy, pizza, McDonald's, etc.) and sweets in large quantities as soon as I was a little bored, sad, upset or for no particular reason.

Just eat and eat at times and times. Been dieting off and on all my life but this eating of fast carbs and sugar has almost killed me.

I didn't have high hopes when I signed up for the session but felt desperate and had heard so many absolutely incredible stories from friends and acquaintances who had undergone this treatment.

Already during the session itself, I started feeling very nauseous and almost like fainting feelings. It went on and on all the time.

I got very tired and also had some feelings of anxiety afterwards which lasted maybe 2 weeks. Anger, sad and fear have also visited.

Out of old habit, I continued my eating, but here comes the truly miraculous, if you may say so.

The body gave up, it didn't accept all this junk that I was used to buying and putting in my mouth. It was a strange feeling at first. I tried again and again but just couldn't eat this garbage.
Gradually, I got used to it and it sounds strange, but I automatically directed my steps towards the healthier products in the store to now completely skip all sweets when I shop.

It's so incredibly liberating and surreal. To shop good food and better more healthy overall. I no longer push in against my will like I did before.

Happy Happy and so far 15 kg lighter after 2 months, completely effortless.

Thank you thank you from 50+ in Dalarna

Hi Ann-Louise!

First of all, I want to thank you for the group session in Stockholm 15/1.
It was an exciting and new experience.

It only took a few days and I experienced a great tiredness and bodily feeling of relaxation. After another couple of days, I started to feel sad, or rather needed to cry. Very much and often, several days. Thought of your instructions and let it be so. A little anger too.

After 25 years of working a lot with body psychotherapies and the like, I am no stranger to physical "greetings" in the body.

I also feel a strong contact with my heart.

It feels as if it is Frequencies that are adjusting in the body.
We have an "S-scan Compact" at home and this seems as if what is happening now are frequencies that work around the clock in my entire system.

As a 72-year-old, having the opportunity to experience a renewal and cleansing in the body of the cell memories that I have not had access to so far feels like a great gift.
I think I will finally be able to get in touch with who I am meant to be :)

Big hug and thanks again

Birgitta Keller

I have been on group session with cellmemories in Sweden September 2021.
At the time of writing October 8, 2021, just under one month after session, the following has so far occurred.

I've got back my menstruation that I haven't had in more than a year, I am 28 years old. In connection with the menstruation that came at the beginning of the week, I got migraine-like attack that made so hurt I was crying of pain, never had this ever before in my life.

Also got very heavy menstruation pain.

I see this as positive, when I have been in such a hormonal imbalance and finally I start to get the balance on the hormones and how I feel. I connect this to
cellmemories when I inherited heavy karma from my mother's side.

What I know now when the hormones are more in balance is that I feel better and feel more emotionally stable.

It means a lot to me, grateful.

Updating of my healing journy comes soon ....

Anna Vigstrand, Sweden

I was on a session with Anne-Louise in Sept. 2016, I had Borelia and got homeopathy treatment liquid, but I had not start taking them yet.

After session, I asked Anne-Louise if I should start taking the homeopathic treatment and she did not recommend it. After 3-4 months, I was back to my homeopath on control...

The test showed that everything was good, no Borelia was left! The homeopathy thoughtit was great, then I told her I did NOT take the homeopathic treatment she prescribed.

The homeopathy wondered what I did, then I told about the session with Anne-Louise and also about cell memories, she thought it was absolutely amazing!

  I returned the homeopathic treatment.

I have been tested tested several times after that, even with bioresonans, The Borelia is gone, so happy about it!

Best regards,
Berit /Finland

Dearest Anne Louise,

I just wanted to tell you that I am so grateful for the work and help you did for us in the group session in Lund - Thank you so much.

I did not say much when you asked me about how I felt afterwards, because I actually did not feel much inside me, and I am a very sensitive person, but I could immediately see in your eyes that The Divine was working through you, and yes the energy was very strong - that I felt. And now afterwards a lot of old feelings "popped up" as you also told us was very likely to happen, and after meeting the past through these feelings I now feel so much more free, and feel I am able to listen again much more to my intuition.

It is so amazing and wonderful, and also the other day a dream came through for me - signing a contract for a new wonderful house in the Nature. In deed a rebirth has been taking place.

I wanted you to know all this, and once again from the depth of my heart Thank you so much. You have got a warm "admirer" in me and I will tell my friends about your wonderful work.
I guess your schedule / sessions can be found on your website!

Loving regards and All the Best to you
from Peter (Denmark)


I thought to tell you a bit about what happened to my cell cleansing I received from Anne-Louise.

I have been sick for many years and in March 2012 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism;
Hypothyroidism - Symptoms - Thyroid

My symptoms have been muted, bad mood, constantly frozen, aching in the body and teeth, etc.
In 2012 I received Levaxin in a low dose, it helped a little bit. After about 1 year, I contacted a specialist who listened to me. Then higher and higher doses, as my samples were never good and the symptoms were left.

In February 2017 I got Liothyronin added and it was amazing. Have sampled every three months and my samples have always been wrong.
In November 2017 I met Anne-Louise for an Individual session and it has turned out to be amazing!

For the first time since 2012, my values ​​were good now in January 2018!
I have not changed anything in medicine since February 2017, but have taken samples on 3 occasions where the samples were bad.
Now at last, they are good!

Think that this depends on the session. I should also add that I feel very excited and happy with lots of energy.

According to Anne-Louise, the cause of my disease was in the solar plexus.
I have a hereditary trauma that developed this disease.
Immediately when the Session started and even before, I began to feel very strongly in the solar plexus, it pumped, yuo could even see it.



Hi Ann-Louise,

At last you hear from me after 2 years. Wanted to wait and see my change.

There is so much that has happened, old karma that has disappeared.

The passivity that I described that I got stuck in is gone almost completely.

The horror and fear have also disappeared.

When I do something, I feel how much cellmemories protect and carry me, now I only get low for a short time and it feels so amazing.

Thank God that I found you, so grateful.

Now I process my sexuality and go to something called yonipping, removing blockages in the abdomen, so much has happend.

When I get started as a therapist, I will of course recommend you.

Love Marie

Want to share with you one of the biggest gifts I received in my life, this treatment by Anne-Louise Karlsson.

I experienced a radical shift in my body already during treatment and the energy has helped my body and soul to heal deep imbalances that I could not access in any other way.
This despite many years of Ayurveda, meditation, acupuncture, therapy etc.

Not to diminish their significance, because they have also been, and are, a huge support, but this treatment draws the deep causes and roots of many imbalances.

The feeling is that old karma / pains just disappear and the presence of the present is where the future is completely open and full of possibilities remain.

Lust for life <3 <3 <3: D

I have sent my children, my ex wife and several close friends to Ann-Loiuse in the last year and it has been a radical shift in the lives of all the people I perceived.

"An injection of light into the cells, which slowly but surely expels all darkness and restores the origin of life of balance and harmony."


Hi Anne-Louise,

Now, 15 months after treatment / session, I want to share with you what has happened so far in my healing.

I felt so strongly that I should get a treatment / session from you summer 2016.
Then I was sickened for fatigue depression for some time.

Have had tension / pain in my back as long as I remember, it almost disappeared immediately after treatment.

One morning a couple of months after your treatment, I
suddenly found myself below the stairs !! I had just walked down without pain and stiffness !!
Usually, I would stumble down the stairs with stiffness and pain in my feet, ankles and legs, causing me to slowly walk down to soften up.

I Just stood there below the stairs, WOW !! Then I jumped down to the stairs a couple of times, just because I could.

My agility is back.

Since childhood, my feet have been angled outwards (exercised so that the left foot is somewhat straight) but right foot has been angled outwards, which over the years caused pain in the knee joint (my mother had the same problem).

Now my right foot has straightened out and is very slightly angled outwards.
I don´t tear my right shoe on the outside of the heel anymore.

My lower back has straightened itself out (has been quite sway-backed, experienced some pain on fatigue there).
I have better posture. The fatigue of the body is as good as gone.

I experience a greater calm physically, mentally and spiritually.

I ended up in various circumstances, which caused me to terminate my permanent employment, nice (Wanted that for so long).
I have attracted new opportunities, some very good.

These 15 months since the treatment / session has obviously been both ups and downs.
The dying cell memories have really had their "mafia outbursts".
There have been pains and feelings, I have felt various diseases in the body and in those moments I have been completely convinced that it´s the old cell memories that dies and I just have to wait it out.

It has probably happened more things I'm not remebering now, the last thing was that I examined my eyesight for new glasses and the eyesight has improved !! It was a couple of weeks ago.

Gratitude thankfulness gratitude!!

Thinking a lot about the breast cancer being gone, why, how, feelings of guilt and shame, etc., Very hard with all the chemo treatments.

So I would like to receive information on these questions, thanks.

I'm quite convinced that if I did not do Cellcleaning / treatment with you 15 months ago it would have been much more serious.

Energy medicine has always felt good for me, I hope I will work more with it in the future.

I feel that it would be a good idea to come here and give treatments / Sessions next year.

Thank you for being You and for your amazing gift <3

Love, Gunilla <3

I was recommended to come to this session by a close friend, but I might never have done it. It's not entirely within what I've done before. Even though I am familiar with working with my body, feelings and thoughts, I have less experience of pure energy work. I'm a carpenter and data technician. Spirituality and personal development are something I do on the side.

Anne-Louise and I sat opposite each other in a sofa in the hotel room. She gave me some quick instructions on what I would do, relax, let the body react as it please, do not fall asleep, the energy comes through my eyes. Then she closed her eyes for a while before it began. When she opened her eyes, it was like a pile of light, or maybe like fog filled the room. I saw completely foggy and only her one eye was clear. It was such an extremely concrete experience that I just sat and waited a long while for it to disappear for something to happen to my eyes, but it did not. For one and a half hours, the light continued to flow.

During the session it changed, it became purple or green lights in different periods. I could clearly feel how the energy was moving to different parts of my body through the session. It was pleasant and challenged, many times felt like I could not take in more and it was all required my presence to stay open and let the energy get in everywhere. I stayed at the thought "I asked for help to be whole, receive now ". After a long time Anne-Louise said that the session was over and closed the eyes and the light disappeared as if you switched off a light switch.

She told me what had happened to me during the session, about blockages that were released, like kept me back in life. I can recognize what she described and the experience so far (half a day) after) is that something really feels easier. A vigilance, vague depression, resistance to life in general who does not feel as present. Something's left, like a shadow or maybe a left behind smell after something has been removed. I am deeply affected about the meeting with the unknown that I have been invited to today. With great curiosity I   now meet life.
Andreas / Stockholm

I do not have words to describe how grateful I am for my treatment with you.

When I came to you a week ago, I had reached the bottom of emotionally and felt total emptiness. All the pain I felt in my heart, the sorrow I was wearing, the weight and separation I felt between myself and the world is now gone.
The neck is still tense but feels easier, the spine feels sharper! It's straighter and I can strech deeper.
I wake up in the morning and feel joy and have a lot of energy instead of being tired as before. I do not get exhausted anymore, but I have energy over after my job :) My eyes are shining, I feel joy in me.
I did not feel that before.
I am so grateful for my treatment with you. Thank you very much from my heart.

On August 29, I was in a group session. I have had surgery for herniated
discs 2 times and both times failed. This is five years ago.
5 years with constant aches and pains. I have no feeling from the
outside on the lower back , down to my toes. Late this evening on the 29th, I have no pain anymore. I'm still stiff in the back and legs and I still have no feeling but the pain is gone. I have had a lot more energy and i felt incredibly happy and calm. No worries anymore. This is the most amazing I have ever felt. During the session i felt every cell vibrating and move, it was wonderful. Gratitude is great and I can only say a big THANK YOU to Anne-Louise ❤ Light & Love

-Mona Brinck

It has now been three weeks since I was in the private session with Anne-Louise. I have previously had pain in the lower abdomen for a long time (coming and going). The pain always increased at the slightest effort. 2 weeks after the session the pains subsided and now I have no pain anymore even though I am active.
In the session I got to know about my past trauma that I experienced in earlier life and now I can understand the connection to my problems that I had. I have also diagnosed osteoarthritis in my knees and had a lot of pain, swelling and stiffness from a my right knee. Today, the swelling subsided and the pain is gone. A miracle as I see it. I feel the energies working in my body every day. I know very well that the healing is in progress and is optimistic about the future.

Incidentally, last week my haed was spinning and i felt so dizzy, so I checked the blood pressure and it had dropped so I could halve my medicine ... Fantastic!

-Thankful 60-year-old

Thank you Anne-Louise for receiveing your energy on Saturday! Immediately when I stood up I knew what I received. I managed to walk without walking poles!!
On the train back to Gävle .... Wonder, which was anchored in faith before what happened ... MIRACLES - yeeeess .... What dimensions we live in, if we only open ourselves and receives from those who are selected to remind us of what we wear for the truth to us. The healing has put on the top gear in me, every day I woke up after Saturday I experienced that I regain my life ... It's miracle!

Today I lay on my butt in the hedge weeding ...There are many, many years ago that I felt so variable and this, I observed 10 - TEN - days after the meeting with Anne-Louise. The miracle is a fact. Feel blessed - Namaste -

I want to thank the Universe that made it possible for me to
through you, Anne-Louise heal my cell memories in the most
amazing way.

And thank you Lena (Lenas Event) and your husband Bosse for opening up your doors
at your wonderful home to let this session take place.
You are so warm and generous and caring people.
The day after my session took place, I meet one of my adult sons. He looks at me, then shedding tears down his cheeks. When I ask what's up, he says .. I can see the pure energy in your eyes. I see the change. It feels great to have been part of this. I'm thankful. Finding balance through healing my cell memories will make life richer for me.
I can heartily recommend the session to anyone who wants to invest in oneself.


-Grateful woman from Småland Sweden

Keeping your head high and back straight! Not always easy...

I want to share with you what happened in my own session with Anne-Louise.

I broke my neck in a frontal collision!
Without the ability to speak, unable to move and with a terrible pain.
It was not with the physical body I have today thankfully.
What trauma and impact does it have on the body I have today?
The impact has been very noticeable and limiting, impossible to understand, impossible to influence until now.

Ma osteopaths, countless chiropractors have done what they could, powerful corrections to my neck and back.
Small corrections often, all variations have been tested. Year in and year out since I was 13 years old. Most have not been willing to recognize that they have not managed to change completely.
Temporary pain relief and improvement has been occasionally but not permanent results.
I particularly remember a chiropractor in Stockholm, which I visited for a long time, one day, he took the courage, and said:
I have my undergraduate studies, I also have a number of additional programs for extremely difficult cases. Your neck can I still not correcting satisfactory. Every time you will have it returned to a state of subluxation. I'm sorry but I can't help you.

Today I understand why no one could.
Homeopaths, healers and even doctors have said that your signal is completely broken, signals just "fly" here and there without order and create chaos in the body.
I have taken many treatments and many methods and tried everything that's been available. Lots of time and money I invested.

There has  been limitations in life with some headaches, aches and stiffness in the neck and back. Mental and physical blockages and obstructions in the way I communicate with the outside world. An enormous fatigue sometimes completely beaten me out.
Now it was time!
Now, the universe answered my question what more is there to do? How can this be changed? What is it that makes me feel like this?
What is it that has limited me so huge, that gave me such severe pain in the neck, limited my ability to communicate, got me to talk very much and very quickly for fear of not having time to get everything I said before, the ability to speak off.


Cell memory of my broken neck, my inability to move and talk has been transferred to the physical body I have today.
Yesterday during the session with Anne Louise, I received the information and got all of these cellular memories dissolved.
Just by getting information and understanding dislodged tons.
The energy injection I got also released all cell memories of the accident.
As for all the healing came during the session, a sharp pain and stiffness in the neck and headaches.
Forced by the pain to move the neck in circles resulting in a popping and cracking could be heard throughout the room.


That's my motto. I am not willing to spend time and money on repeated treatments, repeating the mantra, all the techniques and stuff that will take time and be on o over again, it does not work for me simply.

  One session and you're done!

By Anne Louise´s ability to transfer an energy that dissolves the cell memories that come out of a trauma, it is enough one session!
Since the session the energy works in time and I do not have to think about it, it just keeps working inside.
This is one of the greatest gifts I have received in my life!
Feel a very great gratitude and confidence for the future.
I recommend everyone to use the opportunity to resolve deadlocks in cell memory through a session with Anne Louise.
I thank her with all my heart !!!