Cell memories

Your entire body is composed of cells, cells store memories very effectively. Everything is controlled from your cells, not your brain.

Your heart knows what is right for you, but your cell memories control what you do and what kind of people you surround yourself with. It's what's in your cell memories that's delivered to your mind.
So far we have been convinced that the brain controls your life, that's not the case. The brain only receives messages from your cells.

What's stored in your cells, is inherited down from your parents and ancestors from generation to generation.

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Your cell memories controls

It's what's stored in your cell memories that controls your life completely, often, these ancestral cell memories has nothing at all to do with you, but they are there nonetheless and prevents you to follow your heart and what's right for YOU.
Your cells send signals to your mind and you think it's right and you act accordingly. If you do have inherated cell memories that doesn't belong to you, like the majority of people, life becomes difficult.

It's a constant struggle between your heart that knows what's right and your cellular memories acting along what they recognize, what's already stored from your parents and ancestors.
Regardless on your struggling with what your heart wants, the right thing for you, real feelings, that gut feeling, intuition, your inherited cell memories will prevent this from happening.

Regarding the people you meet and are attracted to both at work and private your cell memories attract depending on their inherited content. Equal meets equal, you vibrate on the same cell memories.

• Therefore it wont help you to switch

       partner and belive in changes.

    • It doesn't help to change your job and
         belive the people will be different.
         • It doesn't help to move to another city or
              another block to get a more suitable mentality.

You will attract  exactly the same kind of people your cell memories are vibrating.

Everything can seem different at first, particularly with regard to love partners and work, but after a while you will notice that it's the same regardless of your partner being from a completely different part of the community. The outside varies widely, but the inside is the same, cell memories control completely.

This struggle between your heart and the cell memories that does not belong to you leads to;

Anxiety, depression, stress, dissatisfaction, irritation, anger, aggression, mental and physical illness etc.