My transformation...

The great transformation began in February 2012.

It all started when I was snatched up from my residence. At the same time i lost all of my savings.
My daughter arranged a room for me at her place.
The purge had begun with the physical. It was horrible when it happened but after a while I understood that it was necessary because I now began the inward journey / transformation. I would come to be in motion during this time (4 years), more or less. It was imperative that I moved with ease to the place I needed to be at the right moment. I listened and moved based on the Universe message. I knew it was right, is right.
The real difficulty during this time are the people around, how could they understand what I do, when I initially did not always understand myself what happened. All the judgment when someone lives completely outside the so-called norm. Many many questions I couldn't answer.

Why do I do this, why do I do that? Why did I "dissapered"? How is it going?

No Facebook or other social media, just gone.

The reason I had to undergo such an extensive transformation and life adjustment is to be able to assume the tasks I came to this planet to do. These tasks require a completely clean cell system without any "illusions" about anything. This I had never been able to achieve without the great cleansing of the inherited cell memories that were in my body and that certainly did not belong to me.

2012 April:
4 months at my daughter in Stockholm,  I'm driving in my car alot, even sleeping in it.
2012 August:
Moved back to Vasteras, rented an apartment for 7 months. Happy, but I knew it was temporary. Got to know by the Universe that I'm going to the sea. I strongly feel that there is a higher purpose. I sell the furniture in the apartment and forwards the contract. Physical things is cleared away one by one. I sell a lot.
2013 March:
I moved to the sea, West Coast / Falkenberg, Sweden. Things happen that makes me come in contact with a woman who will come to be very important.

In this woman's house there is a book that Universe basically "throws" in my arms.

Now I come in contact with my real depth. I am attending important courses in Helsingborg with the woman who wrote the book. During five months I'm going to these courses and connects with my inner depth. Each course is 10 hours straight. It is hugely transformative. This is the time my Antaryamin awakenes within me. When my Antaryamin sets in I am in a unconscious state in two days. The whole thing fells like having a baby, it hurts, but instead of something comming out of me, something is moving in. Thats the feeling i had when I was lying there in this unconscious state in two days. It hurts but I feel that something unique and incredibly amazing happens.

Read more about Antaryamin here...


2013 August:
I received a strong message that I would go to Hallstahammar (small town in Sweden). I applied and got an apartment that I have not even looked at. I knew it was right. Now my little brother dies, 46 years old as a result of alcohol abuse. I knew it was close but you can never be prepared for something like this. This is the toughest period on the entire trip.

Cleansing increased, physical things were removed, people ended their friendship, companies were removed and I had tremendous grief over my brother's death.

14 months I find myself often in an unconscious state lasting six days in a row every time. The main cleaning takes place during this time.

It is also during this time that I professionally have access to people's inner energy, who they are, what they have problems with etc etc.

It's not like I walk around the streets and know everything about everyone, but I get to know the important things to be able to help that person. Distance doesn't matter. The first person I professionally got energy access to was in China and I in Sweden. I have never met the person.
October 2014:

Moved to Stockholm to my oldest daughter (again). It was time for her to detach. We lived together for 7 months in strong transformations.

She also has a very large contact with the Universe. My daughter quit her last job and became free.

At this time I will take the next big step, I wake up from the mind.

Waking up from the mind was a very big event for me. It was April 2015. At that time all of the struggles where over. Gradually, the mind stopped to think of one thing and another. It was very liberating but also a bit boring at times. When you wake up from the mind the universe controls all that happens, which gets a bit boring sometimes *smile*. When I'm used to run for 180 km/hour through the curves and everything.

It is very important that I am completely liberated from the mind, given the information I have.

My daughter goes to the US, both I and she thinks she should stay there, but the Universe has a different plan. She comes back with a business project that came to her in the United States. Together, we have developed the project to a global project which is now awaiting the right people.
2015 May:
I don't really know where I should go, I'm quite worried but my Antaryamin calms me down. I go to a friend in Västerås and put into a state that only the universe can fix. I think at that moment that I'll stay there a couple of weeks, it ends in 8 months.

I get alot of information about addiction and what we believe addiction is. I'm shocked and surprised when my Antaryamin tells me how things are and I'll look into the cell system to see how it all relates (see page "abuse"). This information is absolutely stunning and is not at all what we have previously been thinking and what was previously believed.

Shortly thereafter, I learned that I will be able to dissolve the addiction.

I now know that through my sessions no one will ever have to fight against addiction again, it will dissolve. Just let me fix the original problem at the cellular level.

I also know that I will deliver energy to each person's cell systems through my eyes.

I get insight about why diseases emerge. It's now easy for me to understand with the insight I have into the cell system and the knowledge of what my sessions can do. I now understand how the disease will dissolve.

2015 December:
Just before Christmas, I moved to a house where the man has advanced Alzheimer's.
Meanwhile, in this house, I get information about Alzheimer's and what signals  the cell memories are sending that creates Alzheimer's disease.

I will get back to you about this.

Everything is about restoring cells, dissolve blockages that create a false state. 

I will update all the information that I get from my Antaryamin on this page regularly.