Antaryamin is like internet

When your inner Divinity is brought up in your heart, it is called Antaryamin or "the inherent" or your Higher Self. How do this form of God work? Antaryamin acts as the Internet. The Internet is a network of websites that individuals or organizations have been created around the world. It is a tremendous source of information, knowledge and power we get access to and can use based on our needs. There is always a webserver that has the information or service that you seek. Internet connects you with the information or service. Internet brings people togheter. God also connects. The Divine brings people together.


• You need a breakthrough there is one person who can help you get just that breakthrough, Antaryamin brings you together. 

• You have a disease, and there is a doctor in one part of the world that has the cure, Antaryamin will bring you togheter.

• You have a business idea and there is someone somewhere who would understand your idea and want to finance your project, Antaryamin will bring you togheter.

• You have written a book and there is a publisher who can make the book into a bestseller, you need to get in touch with him or her - Antaryamin makes the connection possible.