About me

Growing up

My name is Anne-Louise, I was born in Sweden in 1963.
My family consists of mother, father, older sister and a younger brother.
As long as I can remember, I always felt different, like standing outside and looking in.
My parents were true entrepreneurs and fought very hard with livelihood and status in society, however, alcohol was always a central "figure" in our family. As always with alcohol abuse it increased over the years and created a lot of misery and tragedy for our entire family.
I fought hard against my parents and their abuse and promised myself to never ever be like them, to kill yourself by chasing money and use alcohol as relaxation. I didn't know and no one else either what I know today in terms of abuse. I thought that people just became addicted to the alcohol itself ...it's not like that at all!
I always stood outside the family, i didn't fit in. I dreamad big, always have. Explained to the headmaster and teacher when I left school that I didn't have time to go to high school because I'm gonna build an empire! I knew I could.
What I didn't know then was that my ancestral cell memories would stop me.

The war inside

One part of me always knew that I was made to make major changes in this world, on this planet, it has always been close to my heart to do great things for the individual human. Unfortunately my ancestral cell memories stopped this.
What I didn't know was that all the people I have come in contact with both in private and business, was vibrated to me trough my ancestral cell memories. It's the same for you and all the other people on our planet.
My ancestral cell memories that came from my ancestors didn't agree at all with what my heart wanted. It was a inside war between my heart and my ancestral cell memories.

It's the same for you, if you feel like ...
                                          ... you're not really satisfied with the life you live
                                          ... you are fighting without achieving the results you want
                                          ...you have a physical illness
                                          ... you are suffering from mental illness
                                          ... you are in any kind of abuse or excessive consumption

Now, I can help you to be free from what doen't belong to you, so that you, just like me can live your life to your fullest potential.
I have for very many years struggled and toiled with high goals, but whatever I have done, it has not gone well all the way. It has always "happened" something along the way, people have "popped" up, things have happened, yes, the list goes on and on in my entrepreneurship.
Worth mentioning is that I built a department store when I was 22 years old and just gave birth to my first child (detailed report will be available in the book i'm writning).
I've always been right in time, always known what products are big sellers, always received information from the universe of what is good and less good. Unfortunately, sometimes even though I knew that something was wrong, i did it anyway. Today I know that it was my ancestral cell memories that sent the signals. I have among other things carried a huge "worthlessness cell memory" that caused me to act entirely wrong in many situations, though I knew it was wrong.
i've gone completely against myself/my heart, both privately and in business.
(detailed report will be avaliable in the book i'm writing).
Many many times through the years I have wondered why I didn't get to meet the people who think like me. I have read about them in books (Ingvar Kamprad, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and others.) And each time thought the same, I'm just like them, what is wrong?
I have never ever met an equal, but I know that I will soon, I finally get to do it because I'm now completely cleaned of all the inherited cell memories that do not belong to me.
I'm also fully completed, gutted and ready to help you and all the people on this planet to be cleared from what does not belong to you.

The cleansing

My cleansing started 4 years ago. In February 2012, I knew it was time, but I did not know then that I would get the most honorable task there is, to through my sessions get to help millions of people to be free from defective inherited cell memories and trauma in this life and inherited from ancestors. You don't have a clue that they are there but they prevent you very efficiently from living your life in your full potential.

During the 4 years I have been purified from all my inherited cell memories that don't belong to me, I have lived almost completely isolated from my surroundings. I have undergone enormous transformations, been completely bedridden for about 2.5 years, with basically no contact with the outside world. I have also physically vomited cell memories during this time. It has been an incredible tough time and many times I despaired and thought that I would not manage all the way, but the universe has helped me to survive yet another day.
Now I finally know who I am and why life has been so hard and strange.

My mission

Because I'm in a much higher energy than most people, I have had the honorable mission from the Universe that through my eyes, deliver an energy that goes straight into your cells as an injection and stay there all your life. Faulty condition, disease, abuse, trauma, etc. dissolves and your cells will be purified. This starts instantly when you get the energy from me and goes on your whole life.