Who needs the energy?

Basically all individuals have inherited something in their cellular system that do not belong there or simply prevents the individual from being able to live their lives to their fullest potential.

This applies to both humans and animals.
Everyones fullest potentioal varies from individual to individual.
A thing you can be absolutely sure of is that your heart knows, so when you do not live your life in your potential, when there is something there that you just don't understand.
It's sort of never quite right, regardless of the efforts you make.
You just feel that you can be better, you want something more, something different. You aren't completely satisfied with your work, your relationships, your income, yes it can be anything that simply does not feel quite right for you.

The energy that radiates through my eyes directly to your cells, is a highly intelligent energy that makes sure your cells begin to work as they should. It goes straight to the source that is your cellular system. It is only when your cells work without obstacles or blockages that incorrect state may dissolve. The basic reason is always in your cellular system.


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A "bad" condition can be both physical illness as abuse, past trauma, or that you do not feel completely happy with your life, something prevents ...

this is in your cellular system and it's inherited from your ancestors.

That is why it is not possible to dissolve the addictions trough treatment centers and conversations, that is why it is often is not enough removing for example tumors, they often come back. That's why you have not been able to cure for example type 1 diabetes, Alzheimer and others. so-called incurable diseases.