I step out of my physical state and the Universe takes over completely.
I'm downloading The energy.

The energy I give you goes like an injection into each cell
, restores your cells to their original condition and heals incorrect conditions
found in your cells. Your cells start working properly and incorrectly
condition is dissolved.
In the case of physical illness, The energy goes directly to the illness  at the same time
 and start working, you often feel this directly during the session.

Antaryamine which is the higher energy / intelligence I channel through gives no diagnoses,
the focus is entirely on healing at the cellular level, the source of origin, and thus they are resolved
incorrect conditions created by your body due to the cellular memories you have inherited in your system.

 It is a very powerful energy and you can feel it several days before your booked Session,
when you are set up and prepared.
During the session, your only focus is to be completely in yourself and keep your eyes on me.

The energy radiates strongly from my eyes straight into your system, you receive the energy through your eyes.
 I also deliver the energy from my hands as a wrap around you.


1.Remove glasses during the Session. (Contact lenses may remain, however, it feels better if you remove them due to the strength of the Energy)
2.Mobile phone must be completely turned off alt. in flight mode. (Silence is NOT enough)
3. You can NOT bring someone you need to take care of during YOUR Session, as you must keep all focus on yourself.

It is free to take pictures / film AFTER THE SESSION

Total estimated active time together approx. 120 min.

Price: 250 euro/person  


Full healing can take place from 3 months and up to 2 years and sometimes more.
Healing time varies from individual to individual.