Phobias is in most cases about something that you suffered in a previous life.
Something that you experienced as very terrible, a trauma.

A phobia can be for example that you are terrified of the water, you don't want to be on a boat, or in a swimming pool. You don't know why,  you just think it's very unpleasant.

Something you become very nervous and stressed about and experience with great discomfort.

This trauma is in your cell memories and signals danger to your nerves / your brain even though it's really not. It's only when the trauma dissolves in your cell systems as healing occurs.


I take an animal as an example this time, a horse.

This horse has a great nascency, it is a jumping horse, he jumps like a "God" and very high. He really has it all, he is very kind, very intelligent, and stands out among the other horses with his graceful way of moving. However, there is (was) a problem, he is terrified of water and is anxious. This magnificent animal. He will do anything to avoid a puddle, he stops at obstacles with a so-called water carpet.
He is also anxious and reacts on the smallest things. His cell memories sends incorrect signals of danger to his nerves and brain. I was asked by my Antaryamin to do a session for him 3,5 months ago. At that moment i didn't know why, but of course i did a session it anyway.
I have recently been told why he is anxious and why he is terrified of water.

This amazing animal drowned in a former life, he fell through ice and fought extremely hard with his rear to get up, but was not successful. He has lived many lives, that is why he is so intelligent. You rise in consciousness the more lives you've lived.

The session is now going to heal him, I made it possible for him to live his life to his fullest potential.