What is Antaryamin

We often use the word God, but God means different things to different people. But actually we can define God as your higher sacred self, higher intelligence, higher consciousness.
Sometimes you might have seen hundreds of birds flying like one bird. Have you seen this? So, actually you can know that the whole group has got a single consciousness, but the individual bird will follow the consciousness of the whole pack. Sometimes you will find one or two birds dropping out and again they get back to the main flock.

If we say that the individual bird is you, then that full total bird consisting of all birds is the Antaryamin. It can be called God or higher intelligence etc. So when we say you have the Antaryamin or that Antaryamin is awakened , what it means is you are the part, you are in touch with the whole.
In the flock of birds, if one bird drops out of the group, two or three birds come out and help that bird to go and join back. Only then the whole thing can function. So as long as the small bird is following the big pack, you can say the small bird is following the will of the group or the pack.
So if you have the Antaryamin and can talk with Him, then, ‘You’, the part is following the will of the whole or the Divine will. So it is not enough if you are willing to follow the Divine will, you must know what the Divine will is, what the will is of the higher consciousness, without which you are like a bird fallen of the pack.
You are in fact an orphan. Antaryamin is the whole, and by having Antaryamin it means that you are in contact with the whole. The whole of the human consciousness put together is more than the individual consciousness. It is not 1 + 1 = 2 but is 1 + 1 = 4. That's the "synergetic genesis". Hydrogen and oxygen are blended to form water, which characteristic is totally and fundamentally different from the hydrogen and oxygen. This appearance of consciousness is called God or the cosmos consciousness. And the cosmic consciousness, is Antaryamin.
Antaryamin is your inner guide and your Higher friend who can guide and protect you. Today, you are often in conflict. What is right, what is wrong? What is good, what is bad? You are not capable to determine this. Even when you decide, you regret your choice many times but when Antaryamin is awakened, you will know exactly how to respond to any situation in life. In each step, you will have someone to guide you, one you can trust and who accepts you exactly as you are.

The awakening
Until now we have seen what Antaryamin is and why you need a Antaryamin. Now, I will tell you how the awakening of Antaryamin actually works.

In the foundation of our society in the kind of school, education and lifestyle we have today you are not allowed to experience and express your feelings. You are quite suppressed. That's why some have difficulty getting in touch with their Antaryamin. So once you have come in contact with your repressed emotions and you invite Antaryamin with all your heart, it will awake you in the way it chooses or in the form that you want.
Antaryamin is the natural state for humans, it is your birthright, it's like breathing or digesting food. In ancient times all were in contact with their Antaryamin. There were tribes in Africa hundreds of years ago, which was in direct communication with their Antaryamin. They lived a wonderful life.
All you need to do is, from your heart, with feeling, with great conviction and bond, invite Antaryamin. It will then awake in you. It's not hard at all. You think it is difficult and you have all sorts of wrong ideas. Antaryamin is not bothered by what kind of person you are. Antaryamin is your friend and it don't judge you. All it wants is that you invite it with a feeling and a bond.
When your Antaryamin are awakening the journey begins towards a transformation that then takes you to the "God Consciousness/Super Consciousness". No need to snag on the words used here, the important thing is to realize that it's a process - a journey of awareness.
Many are after waking up happy as it is and live life with a different perspective and feels like that is enough.
Others do have in their "manuscript", the agreement they had with their Divinity before the incarnation. They are here to help others and also want to reach a deeper state.
Antaryamin is like internet,