My transformation

The great transformation began in February 2012.

It all started when I was snatched up from my residence. At the same time i lost all of my savings.
My daughter arranged a room for me at her place.

The purge had begun with the physical. It was horrible when it happened but after a while I understood that it was necessary because I now began the inward journey / transformation. I would come to be in motion during this time (4 years), more or less. It was imperative that I moved with ease to the place I needed to be at the right moment. I listened and moved based on the Universe message. I knew it was right, is right.

The real difficulty during this time are the people around, how could they understand what I do, when I initially did not always understand myself what happened. All the judgment when someone lives completely outside the so-called norm. Many many questions I couldn't answer.

Why do I do this, why do I do that? Why did I "dissapered"? How is it going?

No Facebook or other social media, just gone.

The reason I had to undergo such an extensive transformation and life adjustment is to be able to assume the tasks I came to this planet to do. These tasks require a completely clean cell system without any "illusions" about anything. This I had never been able to achieve without the great cleansing of the inherited cell memories that were in my body and that certainly did not belong to me.